Non illuminated signs and signage

Non-illuminated signs utilize ambient indoor or outdoor lighting conditions, ergo the message must be clear and visible. For example, if you want to use signs to guide your customers in a specific direction or to a featured location then the signs need to be worded precisely, and directional signs must correctly indicate where you want people to go. Customers quickly become frustrated by poor signage. When people are frustrated they seldom buy what you’re selling, no matter how good the product might be.

Custom products and services

At X.L. Signs we have experience with all phases and types of sign-making. We design, manufacture and install top quality signage. We even make retractable signs for lobby entrance displays and trade shows that work as easily as your blinds work at home; just pull them open when you want to display them, and close them instantly when you’re finished with them. Whatever the type of sign, we follow up with dedicated professional maintenance.

Our staff can realize your vision, whether you need distinctive reception signs or easy-to-understand multi-lingual directional signs. You may only have a hazy notion about what type of sign is most appropriate for your situation. Our team can help you identify your needs, sharpen the focus of your message and present you with options to suit both your imagination and your wallet.

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